On 20th April 2016 Paddy Duhig and Steph Nieuwenhoff will set off on a 575km crossing of the vast body of ice that covers 80% of Greenland's surface and is second in size only to the Antarctic Ice Cap

First completed by Fritjof Nantzen in 1888 (albeit by a different route), the crossing is the third of the big three Polar expeditions and reputedly one that has been completed by fewer people than have summited Everest

Being at the amateur end of the explorer spectrum, Steph and Paddy will be guided by David Paabo of Ice Horizons on this 32-day expedition from Point 660 near Kangerlussuaq in the West along the line of the Arctic Circle to the small fishing village of Isortoq in the East

Unsupported, the self-sufficient team will travel by ski, hauling food and equipment for the entire trip in sleds behind them in temperatures as low as -40 degrees C as they seek to cross the Ice Cap successfully and raise funding for the National Autistic Society, Ambitious About Autism and the Winnicott Foundation