Start:   Point 660, West Greenland (67° 9' 0" N, 50° 1' 58.8" W)
Finish:   Isortoq, East Greenland (65° 32’ 55” N, 38° 58’ 30” W)
Distance:   c.575km (360miles)
Duration:   32.5 days (estimated)

Daily Routine

06h00:   Wake up, breakfast and de-camp
08h30:   Building up to 9 hours skiing, with 10 minute breaks each hour to eat and hydrate
17h30:    Set up camp, dinner and preparation (e.g. melt snow for the following day's water)
20h30:   Relaxation and sleep


Monday 18 April 2016 (Day 1)
FLIGHT: London, UK – Copenhagen, Denmark (D82914)

Tuesday 19 April 2016 (Day 2)
FLIGHT: Copenhagen – Kangerlussuaq, West Greenland (GL0781)

Wednesday 20 April 2016 (Day 3)
Expedition commences at noon, when the team will set off from Point 660 at the edge of the Ice Cap, approximately 30km from Kangerlussuaq

Thursday 21 April – Saturday 21 May 2016 (Days 4 – 34)
The team proceeds East across the Ice Cap, with daily distances covered subject to the conditions

With the sled (or pulk as it is also known) at its heaviest (approximately 80kg) and the landscape dominated by glacial terrain, the initial pace will be measured; but once onto the flat expanse of the Ice Cap, daily progress is expected to increase towards 25km a day and eventually 30km a day as food supplies reduce and the summit of the Ice Cap, which has a height of approximately 2600 metres, is crossed

The only brief variation in landscape comes in the form of a passing visit to DYE 2 Distant Early Warning station – a US radar station built during the Cold War and abandoned towards the end of the 1980s – en route, approximately half way into the crossing

Sunday 22 May 2016 (Day 35)
Scheduled arrival at Isortoq, Ammassalik’s smallest and most southerly settlement (population of 93 in 2010), after 32.5 days

Monday 23 May 2016 (Day 36)
FLIGHT: Isortoq – Tasiilaq, Greenland (GL9502, by helicopter)

The expedition team will remain in Tasiilaq an additional 3 days until the next scheduled flight to Kulusuk

Thursday 26 May 2016 (Day 39)
FLIGHT: Tasiilaq - Kulusuk, Greenland (GL682, by helicopter)
FLIGHT: Kulusuk – Reykjavik, Iceland (NY234)

Sunday 29 May 2016 (Day 42)
FLIGHT: Reykjavik – London, UK (BA0801)